EELISA Communities

EELISA Community members share a common interest and offer or participate in learning, research, innovation and third mission activities in the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance. By doing so, EELISA Communities contribute to a common mission that is based on solving diverse challenges. EELISA Communities are open places that embrace the inclusion of different stakeholders – academics, students, staff members and external university ecosystem players from EELISA universities.

BME established EELISA communities

SusCo – Interdisciplinarity for Sustainable Competences in Engineering Education

The mission of the EELISA SusCo Community is to support sustainability and transversal skill development for the new European Engineer by enhancing interdisciplinary education in the engineering curricula.

Vision & Engineering Community (Vis-E-Com)

Aims to emphasize the importance of visual aspects of human-centric design and to build an international network to educate future engineers to design products and systems considering the fundamentals and the newest scientific results of visual sciences.

Young Researchers for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Science (YRIS)

Sustainability issues can be understood as ‘wicked problems’, which require an interdisciplinary approach to be solved. Social and environmental problems can only be tackled by using a broader perspective including the consideration of engineering, natural science, and social factors. 

Future of Work

Working conditions influence the physical and mental state of employees collectively and have an impact on workers’ health and performance in the long term. The pandemic situation has called into question the previous work practices and the role of the office environment which organizations need to reconsider now.

EELISA communities with BME participation

EELISA on the move

Our aim is to create an academic and multidisciplinary environment to address the challenge of reaching sustainable and inclusive cities through mobility planning.

Sustainable Buildings, Cities and Communities

The main objective of our EELISA Community “Sustainable Buildings, Cities, and Communities” is to foster a multidisciplinary ecosystem that brings together professors, researchers, companies, professionals, and civil and social associations under a large international umbrella. 

Tech Diplomacy & International Cooperation

Our mission is to make EELISA a key mover of EU technoscience diplomacy and international cooperation, and build an ecosystem to enhance the role of our universities as agents of social change and technological progress in international policy action on a global level.