The Europen Engineer

We envision a future where societies master global
challenges with smart and sustainable solutions
enabled by European Engineering

EELISA aims to transform European higher education while strengthening links between engineering and society


You can collaborate with eight universities across Europe


Who We Are

European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) is the first alliance of Higher Education Institutions (graduate engineering schools, technology universities and full-spectrum universities) from different countries in Europe meant to define and implement a common model of European engineer rooted in society.

Our Mission

EELISA aims to transform European higher education while strengthening links between engineering and society by:


Re-inventing the “European engineer”


Democratizing engineering education


Evolving interdisciplinary engineering learning


Encouraging knowledge, skills and technology transfer


Fostering inclusiveness and diversity


Making a real impact on society following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs






Calls are open to form EELISA Communities at BME

BME is a member the European Engineering Learning Innovation & Science Alliance (EELISA), a university alliance formed of nine prestigious...


The event highlights achievements that will transform engineering education in Europe. On the 1st of September, 2022, representatives from the...

EELISA Innovation Talks: Let’s innovate together!

Once a month, we give the floor to our best EELISA scientists and innovators to discuss the possibilities, risks and opportunities of technology for...

Four workshops to enrich and disseminate the engineering mindset

Following two full-day workshops in 2021 (which you can revisit here), the EELISA Disciplinary Broadening Workshops series will...

EELISA News Letter April-May2022

First in-person EELISA Student Council Student representatives from our nine institutions gathered last April in Pisa to get to know one another and...

17 companies and 6 universities on the first EELISA Stakeholder Workshop

EELISA universities invited their external partners to discuss and share their experiences and best practices on an online workshop. On the first...

ERASMUS+ Tanulmányi Ösztöndíj Pályázat 2022/2023-as tanévre EELISA intézményekbe

A Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Igazgatóságának ERASMUS Irodája felsőoktatási hallgatók számára ERASMUS+...

EELISA Onboarding Session – Get to know the EELISA communities, connect or create one!

The EELISA Communities are mission-driven collaboration platforms that foster knowledge, research and innovation needed to solve social and environmental problems framed in Agenda 2030.

BME Onboarding Session: to connect and learn more about EELISA

Date: 28th April, 2.15pm - 3.30pm Format: online  Link: EELISA Onboarding workshop Teams link Topics: 2:15pm - 2:30pm:...

EELISA Stakeholder Workshop

Date: 12th May 2022 Format: Online For whom: corporate and governmental partners of EELISA universities EELISA organizes an exclusive online...