BME at EELISA Days 2023 in November

2023. november 6.

BME joins to celebrate EELISA spirit by programmes offered for EELISA Days of November. We will have enents and also an exhibition organised in the month.



Date and Time: 7 November 2023 / 15:00-16:00

Location: BME Main Building

Type of event: Lecture, in presence

Language: Hungarian


By presenting a few selected examples, János Szépvölgyi Professor emeritus will delve into topics such as the issues of that may appear during energy production and use. Through this topic, they will embark on a journey of knowledge, with particular regard to renewable sources and environmental effects.

Another issue to be discussed will be the arising problemms developed from the finite supplies of raw materials. Prioritising the definition of different possibilities for recycling and material substitution.

Lastly,  how reducing the environmental burden from waste generation: processing options and circular economy will also be a topic for discussion.


Date and time: 22 November 2023 / 15:00-17:00

Location: BME Main Building, Budapest, Hungary

Type of event: Info day, in presence

Language: Hungarian

Did you know that BME is a regular and successful applicant for EU programs supporting higher education, research and innovation?

This university was the most successful Hungarian applicant in the programs preceding the Horizon Europe with nearly 400 successful applications, and has so far won the most funds among the Hungarian institutions.

Through this event, the University will present to its lecturers, students and domestic partners their research programs. The importance of EELISA as a boarder-crossing partnership will be one of the topics adressed, and an exhibition about BME EELISA Communities and Horizon projects will be displayed.


Date and time: 13 November 2023 / 16:00

Location: BME Main Building, Budapest, Hungary

Type of event: Workshop, in presence

Language: Hungarian


Throughout this event, BME and Magyar Nemzeti Bank will embark in a deep conversation about Open Science. Topics are:

– Open Science Strategy of BME

 – Open Science directions and expectations in the European research area

 – Implementation of Open Science guidelines in the research ecosystem of the University of Debrecen

 – Open Access at BME; Research data management in DEENK’s strategy

 – Corvinus University’s involvement in the world of open science

 – The role of Open Science in technical higher education

 – The role of BME Repositories in Open Science


Date and time: 16 November 2023

Location: BME Buildings, Budapest, Hungary

Type of event: Conference, in presence

Language: Hungarian

Along the monh of Novemver, BME will be celebrating its Students’ Scientific Conference, with various programmes connected to the event. These are organized by the Faculties of BME, separately based on their research topics and scientific student work. Please find more information about the programmes here:

Faculty of Civil Engineering (BME ÉMK):

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (BME GPK):

Faculty of Architecture (BME ÉPK):

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (BME VBK):

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (BME VIK):

Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering (BME KJK):

Faculty of Natural Sciences (BME TTK):

Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (BME GTK):

Find more here: Join us and celebrate the EELISA spirit! – EELISA


BME joins “EELISA: My European University” exhibition that shines a light on the individuals who are turning EELISA into a vibrant reality. This collection features vivid posters showcasing students, staff, and faculty from all EELISA institutions, accompanied by their quotes and codes for access to their complete interviews.

On November 10th, the date of Elisa L. Zamfirescu’s birthday, all EELISA partners will simultaneously open this exhibition on-site at BME main building on the 1st floor.

Find more here: Meet the faces behind the institutions. Discover their stories and experiences! – EELISA

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