Call for proposals for EELISA@ BME communities

2022. április 19.

BME is a member of EELISA (European Engineering Learning Innovation & Science Alliance), a European university made up of 9 partners that share a common vision of a future European space for higher education and research. EELISA’s aim is to rethink Europe’s engineering programs, making them interdisciplinary, multilingual, and prepared to meet the major challenges of the 21st century. Alliance members seek concrete solutions to the societal and environmental challenges foreseen in the coming decades. To secure the participation of as many students, research professors, and external partners as possible, EELISA Communities are multidisciplinary groups that will be formed around major academic, scientific, economic and/or societal challenges, based on the common interest and expertise of their participants.

The call for proposals aims to support the BME-EELISA communities which are established by BME members targeting challenges related to sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the “Global challenges” priorities of the Horizon Europe programme. Through the resources of the EELISA initiative, BME shall support the winning communities in reaching their proposed objectives by financial support of their mobility actions and by providing them promotion and visibility through BME’s and EELISA’s channels.

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