2024. március 12.

Three of BME’s busiest buildings now feature eye-catching installations representing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With a single motion, visitors can gain insight into the targets.

Klára Kovács, one of the leaders of the Communication and Awareness Working Group of the Sustainable BME Committee, welcomed attendees and handed over the floor to Tibor Czigány, Rector, highlighting the importance of leadership initiatives and support for sustainability.

Tibor Czigány commanded the fact that we hear and read more and more often about the SDGs – an acronym for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by world leaders at the 2015 UN summit to set new directions for global development. ‘BME is committed to contributing to the SDGs across various levels within its capabilities, including education, research, development, and operational domains. The first step was the 2022 launch of the Sustainable BME programme spearheaded by Professor György Keglevich and under the supervision of Vice-Rector János Levendovszky, he added, emphasising BME’s dedication to a sustainable future. In his address, he underscored BME’s role in educating sustainability professionals through its course offering, including Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in environmental engineering, as well as the Master’s programme in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies, offering training in the field of both technology and economics. In addition, the University offers hundreds of subjects dedicated wholly or in part to sustainability.

The Rector added that the information boards will be displayed at the entrances of 3 buildings starting this week: Buildings K and Q on both ends of the campus, and Building E in the middle. 

György Keglevich, Technical Director of the Sustainable BME Committee, briefly presented the four working groups (waste and recycling, energy and water, transportation, and communication and awareness) and highlighted their recent activities and achievements, emphasising the importance of close and effective collaboration with the Chancellery.

After the speeches, the leader of the Communication and Awareness Group encouraged attendees to join the BME GreenHub Facebook group and the BME for Sustainability initiative on the University’s main website. She also announced the launch of Sustainable Tuesdays starting next week, with weekly articles – throughout 17 weeks – on the University’s main website discussing each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and BME’s contributions towards them within its capabilities.

The display boards aim to educate and raise awareness, offering an interactive way for university citizens and visitors to familiarize themselves with the SDG targets and understand their individual responsibilities in these areas.


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