EELISA Next Level – Your SartUp Funding Booster Event

2024. január 15.

If you are part of a Start-up and believe you are among the top innovators within EELISA, this might be your chance!


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31st of January 2024

EELISA Next Level is designed to be your “Seed” and “Series A” funding booster, offering you both a pitch competition and a networking event. Our network comprises top European incubators such as Station F in Paris, the largest startup campus in the world, or ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator, the fastest-growing tech incubator in Germany with their respective mentors, highly successful startups, and networks of investors.

If you are seeking to secure “seed” or “Series A” funding you should apply for “EELISA Next Level”. This two-day event will take place at ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator in Nuremberg, Germany, on the 22nd and 23rd of March, 2024.

What are the benefits of participating?

EELISA Next Level will not only allow you to pitch in front of investors, receive valuable feedback, and win the EELISA Next Level Startup Awards, but you will also participate in an exciting program that will allow you to expand your networkmeet investors, learn from more experienced “Series B” and “C” startups, and help you to secure your “Seed” or “Series A” funding to take your startup to the next level.

Are you eligible?

EELISA Next Level is open to all digital, tech, and deep tech startups (and spinoffs) who have already mastered the pre-seed phase of their entrepreneurship journey and are now seeking “Seed” or “Series A” funding (approximately 500k – 5 million €) from all EELISA institutions including startups founded by at least one alumnus or alumna of an EELISA institution and startups from the following incubators connected to EELISA institutions: actúaupm (UPM), BME U[S]3 (BME), Chimie Paris Innov (PSL), Incubateur Descartes (ENPC), Incubateur Paris-Dauphine (PSL), Innovation Labs (UPB), ITU Cekirdek (ITU), ITU Ginova (ITU), PC Up (PSL), Polo Tecnologico (SNS), Station F (ENPC), and ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator (FAU).

How does the traveling funding work?

In case of being selected as a finalist for the EELISA Next Level by the pre-selection jury, please contact your local EELISA office to ask about the possibility of receiving travel and subsistence support to attend the event.

For those finalists who have to travel to EELISA Next Level from EELISA institutions other than FAU and who cannot receive funding from their local EELISA office, EELISA at FAU can offer a limited number of grants of 700 € per team member affiliated with UPM, ITU, UPB, SNS, SSSA, or one of the incubators connected to these institutions and 500 € per team member affiliated to PSL, ENPC, BME, or one of the incubators connected to these institutions with a maximum of two grants (i.e., 1,400 € or 1,000 €) per startup team.

Startups from the FAU innovation ecosystem can only receive a grant of 350 € per team member with a maximum of two grants (700 €) per startup team if their startup is located outside the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. You will know before the event if you can receive one of these grants which will only be paid after your on-site participation at EELISA Next Level from 22 to 23 March 2024.


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