EELISA Podcast: EELISA and the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI)

2023. július 14.

Dr. Nagy Balázs Vince, EELISA Executive board member and current Vice-President of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) and Associate Professor of BME was the guest of EELISA Podcast. He was talking about the human work and achievements of engineers, the problem-solving methods and actual topics of our everyday’s life. Also introduced the purpose of the organization of SEFI, its similarities with EELISA’s mission and the upcoming SEFI Annual Conference on “Engineering Education for Sustainability” in Dublin on 11-14th of September 2023.

Listen to the full podcast HERE!

You can find the article of the interview HERE!

Balázs Vince Nagy is an Associate Professor in Mechatronics Engineering and former Vice-Rector for international affairs at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from BME, a Postgraduate Degree in Corporate Economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest, and a Postgraduate Degree in Illumination Engineering from the Budapest Polytechnic. He is a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from BME (2009). His main research fields are optics, optomechatronics, illumination, visual perception, and visual electrophysiology. He is the Vice-president of the European Society for Engineering Education – SEFI (2020-) and a member of the EELISA European University Alliance Executive Board (2020-).

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