Information day on EELISA InnoCORE tools for researchers!

2023. október 18.

Schedule: 24 Octobre 2023

Location: Online


EELISA InnoCORE, reinforcing cooperation in R&I among EELISA partners – Boosting connections among EELISA researchers

EELISA INNOvation and COmmon REsearch Strategy (InnoCORE) is the research and innovation wing of EELISA. InnoCORE is intended to delve deeper into the institutional transformation initiated by the Alliance, by focusing on its R+I dimension. EELISA InnoCORE is also working on cross-cutting issues of research: defining a common open science strategy and a gender equality plan, and analysing the cost-benefits and barriers hampering cooperation. More about InnoCORE:

EELISA InnoCORE has put in place a set of initiatives to boost connections among EELISA researchers, namely the second call for research workshops EELISA Connect, The EELISA Research Networking Platform and the EELISA catalogue of research facilities. During this info session, we will explain how to use these tools and we will answer all doubts.


09:00 to 09:05Welcome and introduction Prof. Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies at UPM, Principal Investigator of EELISA InnoCORE
09:05-09:15Introduction to EELISA InnoCORE Isabel Salgueiro, EELISA InnoCORE Project Manager at UPM
09:15 to 10:00 Presentation and Q&ABoosting connections among EELISA researchers EELISA Connect final call for workshops Sara Barsanti, EELISA InnoCORE project manager at SSSA
10:00 to 10:30 Presentation and Q&AEELISA Research Networking Platform Simona Gallerani, EELISA InnoCORE WP5 leader
10:30 to 10:45 Presentation and Q&AEELISA Catalogue of Research Facilities Antoine Mercier, EELISA InnoCORE coordinator at PSL
10:45 to 11:00Other queEELISstions

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