2022. november 9.

BME joins the EELISA Days, a paneuropean professional week, with a hybrid event on 17th, November, 2022

The purpose of the event is to introduce the newly established EELISA communities of the university, to present their objectives and  the advantages of joining the professional formations and to make them attractive to students. Thematic program points display the overlaps and connections of professional internship opportunities, research projects, international experiences, scientific and academic life and labor market relationships as well. International students coming from  EELISA partner universities and studying at BME in this semester via Erasmus mobility programs will also share their ideas.

Participants can also get an overview of the brand new BME EELISA Ambassador Grant scholarship possibility, which provides additional financial support for visiting EELISA universities in order to expand or build the scientific-social network of students and researchers.

In the second half of the event, interactive workshop will be organised together with the program of the Scientific Student Conference (TDK). The section named „Open up your research with EELISA!” is professionally moderated, where participants can get closer to answering their questions by solving group tasks: Is it possible to achieve real discoveries without the knowledge of innovative ideas by the most relevant partners? Or if only they know about the results? How can as many specialists as possible be involved in the research in the shortest possible time? How can the scientific topic be managed in such a way that can causes significant, global changes?

Participation in the event focused on the above mentioned topics is possible both in person and by online via MsTeams:

Date and time: 17th November, 2022. 14:00-17:00

Venue: Pécsi Eszter Terem and MS Teams


The BME event is part of EELISA Days organized by EELISA institutions between 10-17th November, in order to pay tribute to the birthday of Elisa L. Zamfirescu, who was the first female European engineer and who inspired the members to choose her name for the name of the Alliance.

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