The 2nd phase of EELISA: EELISA 2.0 is here!

2023. július 12.

EELISA alliance has been selected by the European Commission to renew funding under the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities Call.

An achievement that will allow this initiative concerning European universities to expand, as well as to deepen collaboration between its members and strengthen its commitment with society in a wide range of areas.

EELISA Executive Director Sofia Costa D’Aguiar highlights that this funding will lead to a „transformation of EELISA from a project-based structure and organization to an institutionalized one, something that is pivotal for expanding the impact of EELISA at all levels”.

Find the official full article here: The European Commission supports the continuity of EELISA’s pioneering path. – EELISA

Read here the Mission Statement of the 2nd phase of EELISA: EELISA 2.0!

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