The EELISA-All In has started

2022. január 28.

What does EELISA mean to us? Opportunities for mobility, European connections, innovation, new directions in education. However, we are members of a constantly developing international organization – in addition to day-to-day organizational tasks, it is extremely important to strengthen our own community.


In a unique way in the history of EELISA, with the support of our psychologist colleagues, we have started working to transform the new interdisciplinary collaboration into a real community. The three-session workshop series focuses on forming and strengthening a common EELISA identity: how we can work together effectively to achieve our common goals and represent our values ​​to the academics and students of BME.


Based on the experience of the first session, we launched a successful initiative in which colleagues participate enthusiastically and committedly. We hope that the program can also serve as a positive example for partner universities.

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