2024. március 11.

Evosoft, an industrial software development company, hosted a professional programme for the EELISA project team of the University of Technology in its headquarter.

As a member of Siemens Advanta, evosoft Hungary Kft. is one of Hungary’s leading software development companies in the fields of industrial software development for automation, integrated drive control, medical imaging, electric cars and energetics. The organisation’s innovative, world-class headquarter was inaugurated three years ago at the Buda end of the Rákóczi Bridge; an important aspect when choosing the location was that it was close to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, which plays a leading role in domestic IT education.

The University of Technology and Economics not only wants to maintain its leading position in engineering education in Hungary, but as the only Hungarian and founding member of the EELISA university alliance, it is also working to attain an international, standardisied European engineering education. This will provide BME students with a wide range of opportunities to gain expert knowledge from Europe’s leading universities. Colleagues of BME are involved in joint research with lecturers and research fellows from partner universities and with large companies. Moreover, by joining different professional EELISA communities, they can work on important issues such as sustainability or equal opportunities.

A small delegation of BME EELISA project members visited evosoft Hungary Kft., with the aim of getting to know more about each other’s activities and discussing the possibilities for effective long-term cooperation with an educational focus. In the Programme, the visitors were shown a production line model using Siemens’ control technology and applying the principles of Industry 4.0 digitalisation, which uses digital twin technology to design, test and optimise production processes. After that, in the drive technology laboratory, the specific developments underlying the electronic and mechanical basis of industrial equipment were presented. At the end of the programme, participants raised the idea of a joint interactive workshop for students from EELISA partner universities and the organisation of a joint innovative competition where students from partner universities perform optimised redesigns of current industrial equipment.

The cooperation between evosoft and BME is a great opportunity for both parties. The company currently employs more than 1000 former students of BME. One of evosoft’s intern positions is now filled by an EELISA partner university student, who is gaining not only professional but also international experience. The partnership between BME and Siemens began nearly a quarter of a century ago, in 1999, in order for the university and its industry partner to support the education of the future generation of engineers. On 6 December 2023, Siemens Zrt., Siemens Mobility Kft. as well as evosoft Hungary Kft. committed to continue the already established partnership with the University of Technology.

BME EEELISA – Rector’s Office Department of Communications

Photo: B. Geberle

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