Workshop on Gender Dimension in Research

2022. szeptember 20.

An interesting workshop take place in order to introduce researchers, engineers and academic staff to sex and gender analysis as factors that can affect the quality of research results, as well as to explain how and why sex- and gender-related issues can influence research and innovation decisions when setting priorities, designing studies, communicating results.

Researchers from EELISA institutions will be telling us how they are integrating the gender dimension in their research work and sharing their experiences, opinions and best practices. The workshop will also include a presentation on the gender dimension requirements under Horizon Europe.

Zsófia Pálya P.hD. in Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the members of speakers and panellists of the event!

Date and starting time: 5 October, 2022. / 10:00 h

Participation in this workshop is open to any interested participant via REGISTRATION LINK

For detailed programme and more information please visit EVENT LINK

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