Apply for EELISA Diversity Award!

2023. június 22.

In the framework of EELISA InnoCORE, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is gathering good practices and actions put in place by individual researchers and research structures (groups, departments, laboratories, centres) promoting diversity within research and innovation teams, and thus fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. ‘Diversity’ describes the fact that differences exist and it is a positive aspect of society that should be acknowledged, welcomed and fostered so that all people are able to fully participate in society.

In this context, they are looking for good practices, actions and initiatives touching upon any of these aspects: Disability; Ethnic/cultural/migration background; Socio-economic background; Sexual identity (including LGBT+); Education background (alternative pathways, lifelong learner); Caring responsibilities; Religious background/beliefs; Age. As already mentioned, we are looking particularly for actions aimed to support diversity within your research teams.

UPM will invite the best selected good practices to present their initiatives during the I EELISA International Conference that will take place Bucharest in October. The best good practices will be selected by EELISA Gender and Diversity Workgroup. The best practice will be recognised with the I EELISA Diversity Award (non-monetary recognition). Travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses must be covered by your sending organisation.

Please check the uploaded materials for application:

Deadline for sending good practices: 30 June 2023

You can find the information on EELISA’s website:

Please send your good practices by email before 30 June to, using the template included in the call.

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